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Hey all!

I have always had a camera in my hand wherever I went. My passion for photography builds with every photo I take.

I have built my extensive knowledge on how a photo should be taken from learning from inspiring photographers; The composition, full length, angles and symmetry. I like to make people smile and laugh. This makes everyone feel relaxed as it helps to capture true emotions.

I know how important your wedding day is, I still remember every single bit of mine to this date! This is why I would want you to have such fond memories of your special day, every emotion, the colours, the small details you put your heart into give you the perfect setting.

Up till now my passion has always risen for photography, and you can see how much I thrive to capture the best at each wedding when I am shooting.

Throughout the time I have been a photographer, I have had the privilege to take photos in Chicago, Lisbon & São Tomé & Príncipe (a small island off the west coast of Africa).

I look forward to hearing from you!